Emerald Golf Tour, Europe’s most exclusive amateur golf circuit

Emerald Golf Tour, Europe’s most exclusive amateur golf circuit

Emerald Golf Tour, Europe’s most exclusive amateur golf circuit

The golf course is not only a place where you can practice this sport, but it can also be the ideal setting to establish work and personal relationships. An opportunity to enjoy and get started in this discipline is Emerald Golf Tour, the first amateur golf circuit where every player has the opportunity to live a professional competition experience.

Golf is an ideal sport to promote networking between companies and generate business. That’s why there are special Emerald Golf Tour bonuses so that companies have the opportunity to reward the loyalty of their customers by making use of them.

The first tournament will be held on June 30th in Madrid, at the Santander Golf Course, where players who sign up to feel a new way of competing can attend. You can attend as a member of Emerald Membership or by invitation from the pre-selected companies.

Each tournament will feature 72 players with relevant profiles and senior executives in the financial sector, who will be able to attend accompanied by the socio-cultural agenda that the organization makes available over the weekend to enjoy a unique service through the excellence of each supplier and sponsor selected.

The dates of the nearest tournament are the one to be held in Madrid on 30 June at the Santander Golf Course, but it is not the only one already scheduled. In Barcelona will be held on September 15 at the Real Club de Golf El Prat in Sotogrande in autumn, on October 27, 2018 at The San Roque Club Sotogrande, and in Seville on December 1, 2018 at Real Club Sevilla Golf.

The Emerald Golf Tour company has extensive experience in the sports sector and international projection due to its group of professionals that manages to unite the passion of managers in the tourism, sports and financial sector in this discipline.

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