The Real Club de Golf El Prat-Barcelona, 1st course in Spain and Portugal to build Ecobunkers

The Real Club de Golf El Prat-Barcelona, 1st course in Spain and Portugal to build Ecobunkers

Ecobunker Barcelona

The Real Club de Golf El Prat is once again a pioneer in the Spanish golf industry. In this case, with an Ecobunker project, which is part of a Sustainable Golf Course Plan. The goal of the Barcelona golf course is to have the most sustainable course possible by reducing maintenance hours and the amount of water and preserving the native fauna of the region.

One of the actions of this plan has been the remodelling of the yellow course, improving its playability with the reduction of a large number of bunkers, always with the approval of its designer Greg Norman. Another action has been the implementation of Ecobunkers, a type of sustainable bunker that reminds us of the best courses in England.

The first golf course to use artificial bunkers in Spain and Portugal is from Barcelona

For the first time in Spain and Portugal, a golf course introduces artificial bunkers on its course. The Real Club de Golf El Prat has been in charge of bringing this project to Spain and the result has been very satisfactory.

This project is about designing and building bunkers with recycled materials. The design of these bunkers is based on revetted bunkers that we can find basically on courses in England. The construction method of this type of bunker is made  by depositing a stacked layers of turf at different levels, creating a “ladder” along the entire side of the bunker. Therefore, a framework is built between the roots and the sand that keeps the bunker wall compact, giving it a perfect appearance, as well as facilitating the good condition of the bunkers.

Ecobunkers in Barcelona

In the case of the Ecobunker, the idea is the same, with the difference that the layers of turfs are artificial. Then, artificial turf is recycled from sports courts and used to create the artificial revetted bunker wall. By doing so, the particular wall is fixed, looks good and only needs minimal maintenance.

Ecobunker Real Club de Golf El Prat

Our greenkeeper, José Gómez, with more than 35 years of experience, highly values ​​the implementation of this type of bunkers.

“The implementation of the Ecobunkers can be an interesting project for the future to integrate it into our Sustainable Golf Course plan due to its multiple benefits.”

What’s more, our Sustainable Golf Course Plan is in its final phase, and it is looking very nice where all type of players will enjoy the modified design.

Ecobunker Maintenance

Most importantly, its maintenance is minimal, which reduces its cost as well as the hours invested in keeping it in perfect condition, according to our golf course expectations. By reducing maintenance hours, our staff can focus on other aspects of the course that requires time and dedication.

“This type of construction of the bunker walls significantly reduces the maintenance of these areas by reducing mowing, erosion and entry of clay soil that contaminates the sand, as well as reducing the application of sanitary phytos and the amount of irrigation . With this method you can invest your efforts and resources in doing other important tasks on the course. “

Another aspect to take into account is the impressive looks of this ecobunker. The views transport us to the best golf courses in England, where the large bunker slopes in perfect condition are a delight for any golf lover.

As always, the Real Club de Golf El Prat adapts to new times and to the latest technology to offer its players the best golf conditions near the city of Barcelona.

Ecobunker Barcelona
Ecobunker Real CLub de Golf El Prat-Barcelona

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