Greg Norman

Playing at El Prat is a true pleasure. Each of its courses is an unforgettable experience. Each stroke conveys unique sensations that make you feel proud to have learned to play golf. You understand why there are golf courses that make the sport great. Without a doubt, El Prat is one of these.”

Sergio García

Real Club de Golf El Prat is, without a doubt, one of my favourite golf courses, not only in Spain but anywhere in the world. Whenever I can I take a three to four-day break from competition, I visit this fabulous course and practice a little. I’m fortunate to have good friends I can play with, who always make me work hard to beat them. One of the things I like the most is that it offers a wide range of shots, not only from the tees but also around the greens, options that are rare to find at many courses in our country. Another of the features I like a lot is that, with 45 holes, you can play nine different courses without leaving the club. I just want to say that I am proud to be an honorary member of a golf course that, in addition to being good, gives you so many different options when you want to practice.

Sergio García on the PGA Tour

Álvaro Velasco

"Real Club de Golf El Prat is a club with a great deal of tradition that has always been characterised by the fantastic quality of its facilities, the excellent work of its personnel, and the great level of play of its members, both at the amateur and pro level. The course and practice areas are always in impeccable condition for maximum playing enjoyment. The course offers a chance to play a wide variety of layouts thanks to its 45 holes, and also of varying difficulty due to the large number of tee positions available to suit all levels of play. All of the courses are meticulously designed and allow players to use all the clubs in their bag and practice a wide range of swings and strokes. The course is fully prepared to host top-flight amateur and professional competitive events. Personally, my favourite part is the back nine on the Pink Course. It's a gently rolling course, mostly among trees, with a wide variety of individual hole distances, and broad, fast greens. I think this course demands that you adopt sound strategic principles and deploy your best skills, putting a premium on accuracy in your approaches to the green and putting. As a club member, I would like to say that Real Club de Golf El Prat is on par with Europe’s best golf clubs, and personally it lets me develop and enjoy my work at the highest level.”


Álvaro Velasco's Website

Pablo Larrazabal

Real Club de Golf El Prat is a medium-distance course with wide fairways, deep bunkers, forgiving roughs and fast greens. It can be very fun for amateur members, offering five very different nine-hole courses and the ability to start out from seven different tees, all of them of a quality and state of upkeep that make them the envy of most of our country's golf courses. For me, a member since the day I was born who has practiced here all my life, thanks to its practice facilities I was able to turn professional in November 2004 and play on the European Tour since 2008. My favourite hole is the 16th on the Pink Course, a par-four stretching 470 yards on a downhill slant from the black tee, with a green defended by a lake to the near right and bunkers to the left. The hole requires power from the tee and great accuracy with the second shot. On this course, you should not be too eager to make birdies – you have to be patient and use your head. I’ll be honest with you: I've travelled around the world playing golf and I have been able to play on many of the world’s best courses, and RCG El Prat is, beyond doubt, one of the best on the continent. Playing and practicing on it is a privilege.

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José María Olazábal

El Prat has nine highly technical holes through pine forests. They're not too long but require a lot of precision, except the 17th, a tremendous par-four with a very tough green. The other nine holes are more open but far longer, making them more difficult. The par-fours are long, the par-threes are very solid, and the par-fives are hard to reach the greens in two. It's a great combination – nine strategic holes and nine holes requiring power. Its greens are rolling and very fast.

José María Olazábal on the PGA Tour

Oliver Wilson

“The tournament (Spanish Open) is one of the best in Europe. A tremendous course in magnificent condition and a club with some impressive services.”

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Álvaro Quirós

“I love this course, and it’s in magnificent condition. It’s not an easy course for scoring birdies. It’s a course that doesn’t give any advantage to big-hitters, as the fairways narrow at 300 yards. On this course you can’t be off your game – it requires consistent good play throughout.”

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Matteo Manassero

“I like this course, as it suits my game. You have to watch your ball placement all the time, although there are also open holes where power is needed. The greens mark the difference. They’re a real challenge – you can hit incredible approaches shots yet still struggle to complete the hole in two putts.”

Matteo Manassero in the European Tour

Romain Wattel

"I like the course – it's perfect. It is a difficult course; you have to hit it long and straight and the greens are very undulating. You have to play well all the clubs of the bag ".

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Peter Lawrie

"I really like the course. It's about starting in an acceptable way to build from there."

Miguel Ángel Jiménez

“You have to play this course with respect and great care.”

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Mark Haastrup

“It’s an awesome course.”

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